Imvura yaraye iguye mugihugu c’Uburundi yaraye yishe abantu bashika 50 kubwumuzure

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Saidi Juma, maire de la ville de Bujumbura s’est vite dépêché pour constater les dégâts ©CSU/Iwacu

Uwu mubon I buryo nigoti yirabura n’uwurongoye igisagara c’Ibujumbura “Mayor”

Amakuru avugwa mugihugu c”uburundi, Imvura yaguye ku musi w’Imana (Sunday) itariki 9 zukwezi kwa 2, umwaka wi 2014 yaraye ihitanye 50 bashika 50 bitavye Imana, kuko ngo iyo mvura yazananye numwuzure mwishi. Ivyo navyo vyabere mugisagara c’ubujumbura, uwurongoye Bujumbura akavuga ko bariko barakora ibishoboka vyose kugirango bafashe ababuze amababo nivyabo muriyo sanganya y’imvura

Soma vyinshi hano ejo mururimi rwicingereza

One of the dead girl found in bushes along RN1 © CSU / Iwacu7innondation2 flood3 Flooding5 Flooding6 Flood8 Flood

 While the balance of weather on the northern Bujumbura has risen, the government has decided to quickly bury the victims to avoid the spread of decomposition of body diseases.
To this end, the President of Republic is currently in Mutimbuzi commune in Bujumbura Rural, along with other politicians. Including President of the National Assembly and the Senate, the ministers of the Interior, National Defence, Public Security, National Solidarity or representatives of the diplomatic corps.

> The mayor of Bujumbura says the administration is fully mobilized to assist flood victims rains last, as the army and the police.“I’ll Carama the neighborhood we have counted 20 dead and many are still in the thick mud, debris of demolished houses, etc.. “Says Christophe Ndezako who lives in the town Gisenyi (Mutimbuzi). We must, he says, large means and careful research in order to dig up all the bodies. Before the market town Kamenge says Jean Bigirimana God, three people were swept away by the Nyabagere river that crosses the municipality. Both were on a motorcycle and wanted to cross by force while she had lost its path. Fortunately the driver had life by clinging to a tree. Now he is in a coma at Roi Khaled and his motorcycle was recovered hospital. The passenger’s body and that of a pedestrian were not found. The same road is blocked by thick mud, towering palms … no passage possible. Much of the population observes the other clear, somehow, their homes using hoes and shovels.

> Some of the bodies are transported in morgues, others remain on site National Highway 1 was released around noon, mud having hidden the tarmac on a distance of 5km. The trucks SETEMU, Chinese cooperation, public works department at work. Along this road, the body without life were visible in the morning: “Many dead bodies were taken in morgues different hospitals in Bujumbura, others remain on site,” says Nathaniel, who recovered the body his cousin. In little further, another lifeless body on a stretcher and traditional side a body of a little girl of three years covered with a cloth. Nobody has identified the latter. Another girl of twenty years but wrapped a white cloth covered with blood. A few ten meters, a car brand Toyota Probox is still stuck in a large gutter. The three passengers who descended on Bujumbura were struck by the water and rocks and nobody knows where the bodies.

  • Roi Khaled Hospital and the Military Hospital have upgraded services to receive free the injured and the dead body.
  • The President has to suspend all activities on the agenda today “personally look after this disaster that has cast a pall over us again”
  • In addition, the Government of Burundi announced it will support the payment of medical monitoring of all flood victims
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